Why I like X- Men Dark Phoenix

Young Jean: You think you can fix me?
Professor X: Jean, you are not broken.

Professor X: The mind is a fragile thing. It takes only the slightest tap to tip it in the wrong direction.

The above stated dialogues are my most favorite as I truly feel that they literally give me a meaning to survive. I used to cry every time after watching this movie. Honestly, I feel the amazing thrill of women power which runs through my nerves and veins every time after I watch this movie. There are various reasons for which I really like this movie-

1. Good Hearted Dark Phoenix

I really like the pure and honest spirit of Jean Gray or the Dark Phoenix. Initially, it appeared to me that main protagonist of the story, Jean Gray will be the main villian after she joined hands with Vuk, who is an evil alien. But it didn’t happen as it seemed. Jean was influenced by the ideology of Vuk in the very beginning because she was in dilemma regarding her true self. But once she got to know about her true identity and power, she used it to protect her family i.e the X-MEN.

2. Women Power

The full storyline of X-MEN Dark Phoenix revolves around Jean Gray who is the main protagonist. In one way, it clearly depicts the true inner power and potential of women. The tremendous achievement in defeating the the evil has been the handmaiden of Jean Gray because her family i.e the X-MEN makes her strong. Dark Phoenix or Jean Gray is the most powerful mutant on Earth and this really makes her cool. No one can defeat her in any way as she has got all the powerful abilities. Even Professor Xavier was unable to know the thoughts going on her mind after she acquired the cosmic power of the Universe.

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