The Promised Neverland

The escape will succeed.

– Norman

I lost. Go on. Please be careful. And I pray that you will find light.

– Isabella

The Promised Neverland is one of those anime which really blowed my mind. I have watched a bunch of thriller anime of dark genre before but really this anime is something else. Never before I have watched an anime in which the main 3 protagonists who are kids engaged themselves admirably in their plan of escape with the other kids of their orphanage. Undeniably, the other children are also courageous and astounding in their own manner. The plot of this anime revolves around the lives of 3 children Ray, Emma and Norman who upon discovering the horrendous truth of their orphanage slowly began to make plans for saving the lives of children and thus making plans for escape. I have not read the manga, so all my theories regarding the anime are based on the anime only. Plenty of hurdles and threat came into their way from Isabella or ‘Mumma’ of their orphanage but nevertheless they didn’t give up. Their whole journey of tackling the obstacles skillfully along with the other children is really incredible. There are certain interesting facts of this anime which I personally find very much fascinating.

1. Reared like Animals

At first, for me it was really difficult to relate myself to the feelings of Emma, Ray and Norman who were making plans for their escape upon discovering the astonishing truth of their orphanage. It was really frightening for me to deal with the fact that the children were raised and reared to make themselves food for the demons. For me, their situation in the orphanage resembles to the situation of those animals or birds who are reared and raised for food of the humans. The life of these innocent children is simply like life in a cage.

2. The Suitable Harvest

A important fact regarding the demons of this anime was their killing procedure. The humans are killed through planting a flower stem on their chest. The flower eventually blooms and becomes red leading to their death. According to the theories, the blooming red flower called Vida indicates that the human has become suitable to be eaten by the demons .

3. Being Mature

I am particularly captivated by the fact that all the children of the orphan along with Ray, Emma and Norman are so brave and mature in contrary to their age. Their way of planing is just awesome. They are not like the typical kids of their age and although they are frightened, instead of submitting themselves to the turbulences, they try to face their situation head on by devising plans for escape.

4. Bond of Friendship

One of the best things of this anime is the bond of friendship between Norman, Ray and Emma. These three have their own abilities which makes them perfect as a trio. Norman is the ideal planner and strategist while Ray is the intellectual and artful one. Among these trio, Emma is the most reliable as she is both caring and optimistic along with being the most athletic.

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