The Awful villians of the Great Ahom Dynasty

The Ahom dynasty was historically glorious and prosperous as it had ruled Assam for nearly 600 years. It is mostly known for some of the most powerful and brave kings. But, literally there is a fact that darkness always exists inspite of light. In the case of Ahom dynasty too, we can find the existence of some villians who are honestly responsible for its downfall. The list of villians are as follows-

Kirti Chandra Borbarua

Literally, Kirti Chandra Borbarua was a backstabber of the glorious Ahom dynasty during the reign of King Rajeshwar Singha. Kirti Chandra Borbarua was an overbearing person, disliked by the other nobles. To extinguish a future challenge to his position, he had burned and destroyed the royal Ahom Buranjis (Historical sources) which took a time period of 2, years. For this act, Assam lost many valuable Ahom Buranjis which could have shed more light on the days of Ahom rule.

2. King Tyaokhamthi’s Wife

Aerial view of Howard Carter’s archaeological excavations of the tombs of the Pharoahs Ramesses VI and Tutankhamen (better known as King Tut), Valley of the Kings, Thebes, Egypt, 1922.

The wife of king Tyaokhamthi was the daughter Saring Phukan (Minister) and the elder wife of its two wives. After ascending the throne by the king, one of the first acts of him was to lead an army against the Chutiyas to punish them for the treacherous murder of Sutupha, due to the ideas of his wife. She also tried to behead the younger wife as she was jealous of her. By taking advantage of her position, she regented a false accusation to be preferred against her.

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