Scary Scenes of IT Chapter 1

Where are you going, Eds? If you lived here you’d be home by now! Come join the clown, Eds. You’ll float down here. We all float down here. Yes, we do?


Although, I am not a great fan of watching horror movies but meaningful thrillers do gives me pleasure. If I have to recommend one horrific but meaningful thriller then it will be definitely ‘IT, Chapter 1’. The main plot and the following storyline is really impressive. Mainly, the plot revolves around the lives and fears of 7 teenagers and the devilish clown (Pennywise), which lives by feeding on their fear. He intends to eat all of them by constantly making them scared by the things they fear the most. But, his motives doesn’t succeeds as the teenagers realises that their fears are the only source which makes the clown powerful. Honestly, this movie proves the fact that ‘One should fear the fear itself’. Evidently, this movie too has some of the most scary scenes which literally gives goosebumps. These scenes are as follows-

1. When Georgie Met Pennywise

According to me, the moment when Pennywise meets Georgie by appearing out of the sewage is truly scary. The reason is that it is literally the introductory part of Pennywise for us after the movie starts. Pennywise appears very terrible as he eats Georgie’s left hand. We get to see his large flesh eating teeth which is very gruesome to watch. After eating Georgie’s left hand, Pennywise pulls Georgie into the sewage.

2. When Pennywise Visits the Loser’s Club

The fact that Pennywise can visit everywhere and anywhere of the town ‘Derry’ is terrific. I was so shocked when Pennywise visited the Loser’s Club from the Television screen. His face was very scary and features too. The features of his body had become enlarged as appeared out of the television. This part gives us the evidence that Pennywise is always aware of all the things happening around him.

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