MAGGI, a Source of Constant Happiness

Maggi Maggi Maggi

Mummy bhook lagi hain!”

( Mummy I am hungry!)

Bas do minute

( Only two minutes)

No Maggi lover can deny or refuse the extraordinary bond that they share with this amazing set of noodles. Since, from the days of my childhood onwards, I share an unique bond of love and friendship with Maggi. Clearly, those childhood days are really memorable when me and brother used to fight for having more Maggi on our plate than the other. Although, there were indeed hard times, ups and downs and controversies regarding Maggi, but then also our bond has survived and revived despite the odds. I think it will be really cool to share the pleasures that we Maggi lovers can feel after eating it-

1. Yummy and divinely

Have you ever felt fed up with Maggi?? If yes then it will be really awesome to know the reasons and if no, then welcome dude! The taste of Maggi can be best described by these three words ‘ simple and classy ‘. One can feel the divine taste of Maggi with its soup. A Maggi lover like me can relate to the amazing and possesive feeling of eating Maggi without leaving a trace of soup.

2. Homely

Truly, I have an emotional bond with Maggi. It is due to the fact that the feeling of eating Maggi is truly homely and it literally helps in feeling the motherly love. The most amazing part is that Maggi is itself full of care and comfort in the times of troubles and problems.

3. Collection of a Variety of Memories

Who will ever forget the emotional fights with their brothers/sisters over Maggi. Maggi itself gives tremendous memories which can be recounted in the future. And who will ever forget the enjoyment of eating Maggi with their friends in camping or school by sharing and caring?? These various emotions indeed forms the memories consisting of the memorable moments.

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