Best Moments of Horror Discussion

I want to believe in ghosts. I love ghost stories

Jordan Peele

Undoubtedly, most of the people like me really enjoys horror discussions. We are the category of those people, who really don’t believe in the existence of ghosts but we have a separate desperation and excitement of listening to the paranormal real life incidents. But the instances of listening to such stories comes much rarely to my life due to the fact that such conversations are not up to my mood everytime. The amazing moments which are definitely best suited for listening to these stories are as follows-

1. Conversations Around the Bonfire

For me, a great time for enjoying paranormal discussions and conversations is the night time of a spooky dark place with having only the bonfire as the source of light. It truly helps to visualize and relate to such conversations which in turn sets in motions a chain of imaginary glimpse. The horror thrills that runs through the veins during such discussions really gives a very feeling that someone invisible is also listening to it.

2. Classroom Chat With Friends

The classroom is the very place of humbly beginning a paranormal discussion. True horror and tremendous fear becomes the handmaiden after listening properly to the stories in the classroom. I clearly remember the in depth conversations regarding the paranormal topics, which I used to had with my group of friends. Gradually after some moments of conversation, half of the class used to get involved in it. The results and effects of such conversations were really scary as we all used spent our time fearfully after returning to our home.

3. Night Bus Conversations

Truly, the most horrific ghost discussions becomes truly wonderful while inside a moving bus in the night time. It is the very place where one can really feel the horror effects by sitting next to the window. And if the lights are turned off and the it is midnight then it becomes really scary. The spooky feeling which gets develop in our hearts at those moments becomes memorable till our life time.

4. Sudden Moments

Sometimes, there are certain moments which literally comes unexpectedly. This goes also true regarding discussions and conversations. I clearly remember the spooky terror that ran through my veins when I first heard about ‘ Bloody Mary ‘ from a friend. The effect of those words are still in my mind which gives me goosebumps till today.

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