Breaking Night

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

An inspirational book of all times, this book shows that dedication and hard work to our duties can definitely help us in climbing the ladder of success despite all odds. In this journey towards success, so many hindrances come, stumbling upon which a person might even fall down. In such a precarious situation, only a person unwilling to submit  to the ultimatum dares to rise. Such a person not only abhors the excuses of fate, which many people in similar circumstances use, but also defies obstacles and deals with them tactfully. Breaking Night is a beautifully written, heartfelt memoir that will change the way we look at the obstacles in our life.

Must Read

Yesterday, after I had completed reading this book, I felt some strange motivation getting on my nerves. At the same time, it appeared to me that rather than battling the odds of life, I am just blaming the situations which are after all, nothing as compared to the protagonist. This book is the autobiography of Liz Murray, an American inspirational speaker who went from being homeless to Harvard. Liz Murray was born into a world which was full of poverty and hopelessness. Her father and mother both were drug addicts and often she and her sister, Lisa used to sleep with an empty stomach. She was bullied and taunted in her school for her clothes and appearance during her childhood. By the age of fifteen, she became homeless. It was only after the death of her mother, she realised that unless she changed her own life radically, she was headed the same way as her parents. At that moment, she got a strong “wake up call” from her heart and she began her high schooling at a time when most teenagers were graduating. She was going to high school despite the fact that she was homeless. Sometimes, she would sneak into a friend’s place to sleep or else in a hallway, on the top landing of a stairwell. Every time she used to carry her school books, along with her clothing, journal, her mother’s NA coin and picture, toothbrush and toiletries all stuffed in one huge bag. Her life was all about hunger, hurdle, schoolwork and finding sleep. She got straight A’s in her studies and without a roof over her head, she went to win a New York Times scholarship to study at Harvard.

A Moving Memoir

Breaking Night is the protagonist’s memoir of survival that shows us to be creator, not a creature of our circumstances. She used her every ounce of strength and determination and steered herself towards a better future. She shows us that the human spirit has infinite ability to grow and can never be limited by circumstances. The Breaking Night is full of twist and turns. Her story is all about struggles, friendship, love, fears, overcoming fears, family, aspirations and passion. It is the struggle between her dreams and circumstances. It is the journey of finding her true self. Her story is an inspiration for women as it symbolises women power. It proves that with a strong will power, anyone can achieve the zenith of success.

Lastly, we can conclude that

Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.

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